OMAIUSA-975 Tactical Calling Campaign

Here is a powerful, risk-averse way for tech firms to fast-start 2018 revenue and quota attainment. The ‘OMAIUSA-975’ Tactical Calling Campaign. 

Fee: $975. Conducted by OMAIUSA’s Rentable Tech Salesforce. Includes setup, training, strategic consult, 160 calls (13 hours), guaranteed # of valid leads, advice.

Providing a critical second gateway to IT decision-makers for MSPs, Partners, Resellers, Consultants, Manufacturers, and Software Firms. A powerful edge.

The OMAIUSA-975: Created from repackaging and repricing larger campaigns and making them affordable and justifiable to all — even two-person firms and start-ups.

OMAIUSA celebrates 25 years opening executive doors for the tech sector. Never reading a script. Instant credibility with executives. Stronger leads. Virtual structure enabling lower prices. Strategic advice helping reps close our leads.

Bundled fees for the’OMAIUSA-975’ Modular Calling Campaigns (3 pilots)

$   975 incl. setup, consult, 13 hours calling (160 calls), guaranteed leads, reporting.
$1,950 incl. setup, consult, 26 hours calling (320 calls), guaranteed leads, reporting.
$2,925 incl. setup, consult, 39 hours calling (480 calls), guaranteed leads, reporting.

Optional: A customized $250 calling list is recommended.
At the end of each module, renew or exit. Scalability without complications. # of guaranteed leads is set at the consult. Normally 3-4 per $975 SMB campaign.

OMAIUSA Campaign Categories: (For all budgets and tech firms) Demand Generation. Events. Partner Recruitment and Support. Territory Coverage.

Assisting individual sales reps achieve goals. Following up on web inquiries.

For details and proposal, please contact Ray Lichtman, toll-free 833-OMAIUSA (662-4872), or email

All fees in USD and subject to change.